These are some of the many errors codes you may face. If you cannot find the error code below or get a solution, please contact our support via our Discord.

error codes image
  • Locked Key / This Key Has Been Locked – The system has flagged your replacements as potentially fraudulent or abuse of warranty. Please contact support immediately if this was a mistake.
  • 12 Month Error – As stated on our website, you are restricted from joining a Family Plan more than once for every 12 months per account. To work around this, create a new account. Full tutorial is posted on our Discord or watch the video: INSERT TUTORIAL LINK HERE
  • Address Error – If the error starts with “You do not live at this address…” please make sure you are doing the VPN trick correctly. Tutorial is posted on our Discord or watch the video: INSERT TUTORIAL LINK HERE If the error starts with “The address does not match…” please verify you are copying and pasting the exact address provided from our website. If the error persists, contact support.
  • Invalid Key – The key you entered is not validated by our database. Double check that you have no spaces or hidden characters in front, in between, or behind the key. Please contact support if you think this is a mistake.
  • Missing Spotify Bearer Token – A cookie issue. Refresh the page with and try again.
  • Account Not Found In Database – The account you are logging in with is not found under our database. Please make sure the email you provided while upgrading your key matches the email of the account you are logging in with. If you are, or need your email to be updated in the database, please contact support.
  • Not Eligible For a Replacement / System Cooldown – Our system must be overloaded or undergoing maintenance. Please try again in 15 minutes.
  • JSON Error – An error occurred with an external site. Please contact support.
  • Missing Params – Not all of the required information has been filled out. Please double check that all requested information is provided in the correct text fields.