Reseller Plans

We offer numerous tools for those who wish to resell our service to their own customers. To view our reseller plans, please visit and make sure to click the button to switch the plans from displaying “Personal” to “Resell”.


Then you will see four different types of reseller plans to get you started.

What does “white labeled” mean?

We offer the option of generating your keys in a white-labeled fashion and a white-label website. This means that instead of keys that standardly look like: “UPGRADERPW-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX”, it will show “KEY-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX”. On top of that, we offer custom delimiters for keys, meaning you can receive keys that are custom tailored to the name of your service. For example, John is a reseller but wants his keys to say his business name, “Sky’s Shop”, then he may request his keys to be generated as such: “SKYSHOP-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX”.


What is a “reseller panel”?

A reseller panel is a copy of our website, however removed all logos, links, and anything else that links us as the direct supplier. Your customers will never even know you are reselling, nevertheless the direct supplier. You as a reseller have the right to your own customers, we will never try to poach them.

If you purchase a plan with the Basic panel, you get access to the website described above for a monthly fee on top of any existing payments.

If you purchase a plan with the Advance panel, you get access to the website without a monthly fee, on top of any existing payments.

If you want a Custom Panel, you will need to purchase the Ultimate Plan or contact our support to negotiate the extra costs that must be paid in place of the price of the Ultimate Plan. A custom panel will allow you to essentially host your own website with your own titles, logos, and web theme.


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“Upgraded with lifetime key. Had an issue the first time around but support team were very helpful, it was easy to create a ticket and they sorted the issue out within a couple hours. Happy with the customer service.” – Daniela Chong