The upgrade process is extremely simple and almost self-explanatory. Your email, key (the product sent via email after payment), and a working Internet connection is all you need. After you enter the details and click “Upgrade”, the entire process may take up to 1 minute depending on website traffic. If you have any problems or fail to receive an upgrade after clicking “Upgrade”, please contact support.

Is this a legitimate service?

We’ve been servicing upgrades since 2016. One of the first and the longest operational upgrade service with market-leading service and support. Not only are we endorsed by numerous businesses, content creators, and trusted individuals, you may check our customer reviews on Trustpilot or check the “vouches” channel on our Discord.

How can you guarantee a “Lifetime” subscription for so cheap?

We operate on the economic concept: economies of scale. With optimizing our Family Plans while also keeping fixed and variable costs low, we can offer a much affordable way of listening to music by simply inviting our customers to a Family Plan.

How long will the Premium last?

In most cases, your plan will last for months/years. However, if the Premium doesn’t last as long as expected, with our Lifetime & Unlimited Replacements guarantee, you may easily get back on your Premium plan in seconds by visiting our replacement system to claim an automatic replacement. Since the start of our service, we have many longtime customers dating back to the start of our service in 2016 that have continued to enjoy streaming music on their Family Plan.

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